Welcome to TTÜ Student Campus!
For getting a place in Student Campus, you need to start by submitting your housing application. When applying, the first thing you need to decide is the room type you want to live in. You can select one room type only, so please make sure that your selection compliments your wishes. You can read about different room types, prices and waiting list on our website.
Group application
Please fill this field only if you are applying for a place with your friend. Please be sure to apply for one bed in twin room. If you are the first to submit the application, please mark “Group application“ box. The first applicant will receive an application ID. The second person to submit the application should insert this application ID-number to “Main application ID“ box.
Main application Id
Applicant's information
In case you do not have a personal Estonian identity code yet, please write 0000 in the field of Personal ID code. This field is optional.
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Contact person
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Your bank information is used for sending you back the deposit money after you finish your contract with us. If you don’t have a bank account yet, please fill the account number with 0000. After you have opened a bank account in Estonia, you can give us your proper bank information. If you have a bank account, we require the bank account number, the name of the bank account owner and SWIFT (BIC) number. NB! If you don’t have Estonian bank account, please leave the IBAN section empty as our accounting system only recognizes Estonian IBAN numbers.
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Application info
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The submitted personal data is used for drawing up the housing contract, providing accommodation services and forwarding information about accommodation as well as necessary invoices. Personal data is processed in accordance with TTÜ Student Campus Privacy Policy